African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Variation in important pasture grasses: I. Morphological and geographical variation.

Spies J.J., Gibbs Russell G.E.


Seven species are important pasture grasses throughout the western Transvaal, Orange Free State, northern Cape and Natal. Taxonomically, each is a widely distributed species complex with a range of morphological variants and many ecotypes. The local forms well suited to particular environmental conditions are a source of natural variability upon which to base programmes to develop improved pasture strains.Language: English

Keywords: cenchrus ciliaris; cynodon dactylon; digitaria eriantha; distribution; ecotypes; environmental conditions; eragrostis curvula; geographical distribution; Geography; grasses; heteropogon contortus; morphological variation; Morphology; natal; northern cape; orange free state; pasture; pasture grasses; setaria sphacelata; south africa; Species; themeda triandra; variability; variants; western transvaal

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