African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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A study of the fine structure, enzyme activities and pattern of 14CO2 incorporation of highveld grasses from different successional stages

Tew J, Grossman ES, Fair P, Cresswell CF


A detailed study of selected grasses has been made with respect to fine structures characteristics, enzyme activities associated with C-4 and C-3 pathway photosynthesis, and short term carbon dioxide-14 incorporation experiments. A good correlation was obtained between the fine structure, the carbon pathway and the successional position of the grasses studied.

Keywords: enzyme activities|patterns|highveld grasslands|grasses|successional stages|characteristics|C4 pathways|C3 pathways|photosynthesis|carbon dioxide|experiments|fine structures|carbon pathways|Transvaal|Highveld|Gauteng Province|compensation points

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