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Evaluation of the point-centred-quarter method of sampling Kaffrarian Succulent Thicket

GC Stuart-Hill


The objective was to evaluate the efficiency and repeatability af the point-centred-quarter method.The parameter which was most efficiently sampled was species composition relativedensity) with 90% replicate similarity being achieved with 100 point-centred-quarters. However, this technique cannot be recommended, even for research purposes, because: (1) the technique is extremely time-consuming (1.e. it takes c. 14.2 man hours to record 100 samples); (2) it is difficult to identify individual plants because of the multi-stemmed nature of the vegetation; and (3) there are mathematical constraints with determining density from distance-based methods.

Keywords: Andries Vosloo Kudu Nature Reserve; botany; Eastern Cape; evaluation; Great Fish River Reserve Complex; Kaffrarian Succulent Thicket; method; monitoring; point-centred-quarter method; sampling; South Africa; succulent thicket; Valley Bushveld; vegetation

African ournal of Range and Forage Science 1995, 12(2): 72–75
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