African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Patchiness in semi-arid dwarf shrublands: evidence from satellite-derived indices for elevated CO2 assimilation rates on a geochemical mound in the Karoo National Park, South Africa

AR Palmer, F Van der Heyden


Reports the results of a study conducted in which satellite-derived vegetation indices were used to identify a geochemical mound of higher active greenness in the Karoo National Park, Beaufort West. Illustrate a potential role for satellite imagery in developing management systems for arid shrublands, and highlights the importance of considering abiotic factors in the assessment of rangeland conditions. Illustrates with a mono-chromatic aerial photograph, a satellite image, tables and graphs

Keywords Assimilation rates; Beaufort West; Eriocephalus ericoides Druce; Geochemical mounds; Karoo National Park; NDVIs; Normalized difference vegetation indices; Nutrients; Plant cover; Plants; Remote sensing; Rhigozum obovatum Burch; Satellite-derived vegetation indices; Woody species; patchiness; semi-arid; dwarf shrubland; shrublands; co2; assimilation; karoo; south africa; ndvi; satellite imagery; geochemical mound; rhigozum obovatum; eriocephalus ericoides; pentzia incana; vegetation; botany

African Journal of Range & Forage Science, Vol. 14, Iss 3, p.75–80

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