African Journal of Range and Forage Science

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Nutrition of intensive pastures in the summer rainfall areas of Southern Africa.

Miles N.


Consideration is given to the current state of knowledge regarding the nutrition of cultivated pastures in the summer rainfall areas of Southern Africa. Research efforts over the years have concentrated on the nitrogen (N) requirements of pastures, with relatively little significant work being undertaken on phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and lime. The numerous N response curves derived in cutting trials provide a useful basis for predicting N requirements under cutting-and-removal type utilization, but are of little value in predicting N requirements under grazing; research efforts should therefore be channelled in that direction.Language: English

Keywords: Fertilizer nitrogen sources; Fertilizers; Grasses; Legumes; Lime; Nitrogen application responses; Phosphorous; Potassium; Soil acidity; cutting; fertilizer; grass; grazing; legume; minerals; nitrogen; persistence; phosphorus; productivity; soil test calibrations; utilization; soils; nutrition; pastures; summer rainfall area; southern africa; n; k; response; field trial; natal midlands; transvaal; south africa; botany

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