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Promoting early detection of breast cancer and care strategies for Nigeria

Agatha Ogunkorode, Lorraine Holtslander, June Anonson, Johanna Maree


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women particularly in developing countries like Nigeria, with high mortality, and economic costs. Worldwide, it is predicted that more than one million women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and more than 400,000 will die from the disease every year. A comparative integrative review of the literature from Nigeria and Canada showed that in Canada, there is positive association between wide spread education, early detection, the disease stage at diagnosis, and survival rates. In Nigeria, presentation with the advanced stage of the disease makes survival very low. The primary factors responsible for the late presentations are lack of awareness, misconceptions about breast cancer causes, and treatment outcomes. It is recommended that guidelines and policies about breast cancer early detection, care strategies, and ongoing management pathways be produced, disseminated, and adopted. The guidelines will assist practitioners and patients in making informed decisions and choices about the most appropriate health care for their specific clinical situations. The implementation of evidence-based guidelines will most likely help to improve care processes, the quality of clinical decisions and patient treatment outcome.

Keywords: Breast cancer, awareness, early detection of cancer, cancer care, Nigeria, Canada

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