Serologic Survey of Specific Rubella Virus IgM in the Sera of Pregnant Women in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria

  • P Grace
Keywords: Rubella, Anti-IgM, Pregnant women, Nigeria


Although a major section of pregnant women in Nigeria are immune to rubella infection, cases of congenital rubella syndrome are still been seen in hospitals. Rubella is not a reportable disease in
Nigeria and data of its epidemiology are extremely rare. In this study, we estimate the burden of acute rubella virus infection among pregnant women during their first trimester in Makurdi-Benue State-
Nigeria. Anti-rubella IgM were detected using a commercially available quantitative enzyme immunoassay. Of the 534 (mean age=28.1±1.7years) sera sample tested, 21 (3.9%;95%CI=±1.64%)
were positive for Rubella IgM antibodies. We also extrapolated by mathematical modeling that 4.2% represents the actual/real susceptible population in Nigeria. There was no significant correlations
between rubella infection and age (p>0.05). Although the incidence of rubella is low we suggest the antenatal screening and vaccination of all females of child bearing age to eliminate this potentially
devastating virus in the county (Afr J Reprod Health 2009; 13[2]:69-73).

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