Women's perceptions of pain and discomfort after childbirth in Angola

  • Elisabeth Jangsten
  • Roland Strand
  • Engracia da Gloria Gomez de Freitas
  • Anna-Lena Hellström
  • Annika Johansson
  • Staffan Bergström


Prophylactic treatment against postpartum haemorrhage is a widely investigated area and injection of Oxytocics has been considered as the best choice. The occurrence of postpartum pain and discomfort was studied in a population of birthing women in an overcrowded labour ward in Angola where the oxytocin-filled device Uniject TM was used. This study indicates that birthing women's perceived postpartum pain increases with parity and during breastfeeding, but does not confirm that injection of oxytocin increases pain and discomfort. This is an important finding, since it might facilitate the introduction of a management practice, likely to reduce haemorrhage-related maternal morbidity and mortality after delivery in underprivileged populations. The birthing women were, by and large, satisfied with the care and treatment provided, but the encounters with midwives seem to vary in quality. Further investigation is needed to elucidate parturient women's experience of postpartum pain and their perceptions of the quality of care and treatment.

African Journal of Reproductive Health Vol. 9(3) 2005: 148-158

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eISSN: 1118-4841