Maximising on Strategic Partnerships for Eradicating Slums and Human Deprivation in Kenya’s Cities

  • F Waswa
  • E Mutisya


The rate of growth of Kenyan cities, in terms of population and infrastructure, is unprecedented. The country is experiencing one of the fastest urban growth rates in Africa. This growth has not been accompanied by an equivalent socio-economic and environmental development. Due to this, many cities in Kenya are fast growing into slums, with more than 50% of the urban population today living in informal settlements. To mitigate the growth of slums in the country, there is a need to implement and practice urban innovative approaches and strategies based on sustainability thinking. This paper proposes and recommends the collaboration of all urban development stakeholders in the national urban development process to eradicate slums conditions in Kenyan cities and towns.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2315-6317