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Diffusion Modeling: A Study of the Diffusion of “Jatropha Curcas” Based Diesel Oil (Jacodiesel) in Adamawa State

I Akpan
JS Rishante
PO Obukoadata


Diffusion of innovation is a versatile social science theory which typically represents an interface of communication and change. Its goal is to attempt to understand the range of influences to which consumers of new ideas, products, or systems are exposed to at a given point in time in a given social environment. The present study analyzed the communicative influence as they relate to a specific innovation; the Jatropha Curcas based diesel oil (Jacodiesel) in the context of a specific social environment. It relied on qualitative methodologies of participant observation and focused on 210 interactions over a period of six weeks in the study area of Yola, Jimeta and Numa. Jacodiesel is one of the products developed under the sustainability programme at the American University of Nigeria. The study was aimed at contributing to the development of a generalized model for predicting the diffusion pathways for AUN‟s sustainable products, as well as providing a platform for empirical testing of the diffusion paradigm in a local community. The findings from the study affirmed the efficacy of the Diffusion of Innovation in modelling the communication influence of the innovation studied. The diffusion process should cater for the peculiar needs and characteristics of the people it is intended to serve strictly following the diffusion pathways and using adequate change agents. Consequently, the study recommended the use of diffusion networks which integrate interpersonal networks, and multimedia strategies for the effective diffusion of innovation such as Jacodiesel in Adamawa State and other parts of the country.

Keywords: Sustainability, Diffusion, Innovation, Communicative Influence, Multi-media and Communication

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print ISSN: 2315-6317