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Study on anti-ehrlich ascites tumor effect of <i>Pinellia Ternata</i> polysaccharide <i>in vivo</i>.

X Li
P Lu
W Zhang
B Li
R Yang
K Luo


The objectives of the study were to investigate the anti-tumour activity of Pinellia ternata polysaccharide in vivo, and to preliminarily explore the possible mechanism of its antitumour action. Mouse model of Ehrlich ascites tumour (solid tumour) was used to detect the serum SOD, MDA and GSH-Px levels in mouse and to measure the tumour inhibition rate and survival prolongation rate. The results showed that Pinellia ternata polysaccharide had some tumour inhibitory effect. Tumour weight of Pinellia ternata polysaccharide high-dose group was highly significantly different (P<0.01) compared with the model group. Tumour weight between Pinellia ternata polysaccharide medium-dose group and model group also had a significant difference (P<0.05). Moreover, in the Pinellia ternata polysaccharide high-dose group, survival prolongation rate of ascites tumour mice reached 62.23%, and mouse serum SOD, MDA and GSH-Px levels also rose in varying degrees. The study concluded that Pinellia ternata polysaccharide extract had some in vivo anti-tumour effects, which were probably associated with the enhancement of the body’s ability to scavenge excess free radicals by improving the body’s enzyme activity.

Key words: Pinellia ternata polysaccharide, ascites tumour, SOD, MDA, GSH-Px

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eISSN: 0189-6016