A study on the effect of aqueous extract of Lobelia chinensis on colon precancerous lesions in rats

  • S Han
  • X Lv
  • Y Wang
  • H Gong
  • C Zhang
  • A Tong
  • N Yan


This paper studies the effects of Lobelia chinensis on colon precancerous lesions and on colonic epithelial proliferation and apoptosis in DMH-induced rats. After two weeks of feeding, 50 Wistar rats were randomly divided into five groups, namely the normal group, model group,
Lobelia chinensis low-dose group, medium-dose group and high-dose group. Lobelia chinensis was made into ACF model, and administered to
experimental groups for 10 consecutive weeks. Control group was given equivalent amount of normal saline. After feeding for 10 weeks, the rats
in each group were sacrificed and the changes in colonic ACF number of rats in experimental groups were observed, and the inhibition rates were
calculated. The results showed that among the rats fed for 24 h and 48 h, the number of apoptotic cells in colonic crypts of rats in DMH group did
not differ significantly from the control group, while the difference was obvious between the control group and Lobelia chinensis treatment
groups. The medium and high doses, that is, 0.45 g/kg and 1.35 g/kg can significantly inhibit ACF formation (P<0.01). The inhibition rates of low,
medium and high doses were 8.12%, 59.42% and 65.44%, respectively.

Keywords: Lobelia chinensis; DMH group; colonic epithelial


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eISSN: 0189-6016