African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries

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Commercialisation of Alternative Livestock Feeds Could Save Fish Stocks in Lake Victoria

Siya Aggrey, Donald R. Kugonza, Vincent Muwanika


Increasing livestock production in East Africa requires increased use of fish meal as a source of protein, some of which comes from the Silver Cyprinid (Rastrineobola argentea) in Lake Victoria, which could result in its over-exploitation and affect the survival of other organisms in the lake. The crude protein content of cockroaches (38-76% CP depending on the age) and of other insects is similar to that of fish meal (61.24% CP) and could be a substitute for it, if these insects can be domesticated and used as animal feeds. Non-conventional feeds such as cockroaches, houseflies, termites, earthworms and carabid beetles are used on a small scale by farmers in Uganda who would be willing to use them more if they could be produced on a large scale. There is therefore a need to promote large scale insect breeding so that these alternative protein sources can be integrated into farming systems.

Keywords: Alternative protein sources, Fishmeal, Insects, Poultry

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