African Journal of Tropical Hydrobiology and Fisheries

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The Socio-economics and Alternative Livelihood Options of Fishers of Lake Victoria, Uganda.

Stella Mbabazi, K. Odongkara, F. Muyodi, F.W. Bugenyi


The socio-economic status of the fishers in the Ugandan part of Lake Victoria was determined at two landing sites. Most fishers were males aged 29-38yrs while women were involved in processing and marketing. Fishing was the main source of income for more than 70% of fishers, most of whom were immigrants with only 16% being born in the lake basin. Although there was reasonable access to social services about 17% of respondents still lacked sanitation facilities. Some fishers were engaged in agriculture but 71% bought most of their food. A few respondents had acquired skills from extension services which could be applied to alternative livelihood options, of which poultry (25%), shop ownership (16%) and crop and livestock farming (16%) were the favoured options, but choices were limited by lack of capital. Government and other agencies should improve the fishers’ access to capital and inform them of livelihood options to improve diversification.

Keywords: Fishers, Livelihoods, Socio-economic status, Uganda, Value addition

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