Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and diuretic activity of Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn

  • JK Kundu
  • B Das
  • J Kundu
  • SC Bachar
Keywords: Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn, Anti-­‐inflammatory activity, Carrageenan, Diuretic activity


The effects of hexane, ethylacetate and methanol extracts of whole plant parts of Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn on carrageenan-induced rat paw edema, acetic acid-­induced writhing, and diuresis in mice were studied. The hexane extract (LH) and ethylacetate extract (LE) showed maximal inhibition of carrageenan-­induced paw edema by 33.96% and 27.39% after 2 h and 3 h of study, respectively, while the methanolic extract (LM) showed no remarkable effects. The study of anti-­nociceptive activity of the extracts showed that all three fractions exhibited significant inhibition of writhing reflex in an order of LH > LE > LM. In comparison to furosemide, good diuretic activity was exhibited by all three extracts. The onset of diuretic action of LE and LM was rapid, while that of LH was relatively slow. Results of this preliminary pharmacological screening indicate that the plant Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn holds the promise of being utilized in developing herbal medicines.

KEY WORDS: Ludwigia hyssopifolia Linn; Anti-­‐inflammatory activity; Carrageenan; Diuretic activity


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eISSN: 1694-2078
print ISSN: 1694-2086