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Efficacy of a music-based intervention on enhancement of treatment motivation among clients with substance use disorders in residential treatment in Kenya

Antony Chege
Beatrice Kathungu
Muchiri Karega


Although evidence suggests that music-based interventions (MBI) may help enhance treatment motivation, their efficacy is generally untested  among the Kenyan population. This motivated the current study to test the efficacy of a MBI on treatment motivation of clients with substance use  disorder (SUD) in a selected treatment center. Subjects were 40 clients in a residential treatment facility with two branches. A quasi-experiment,  nonequivalent control group pre-test post-test design was used. The treatment group, with 20 clients in branch A, received MBI in addition to  treatment as usual (TAU) while the control, comprising 20 clients in branch B, only received the TAU in the same period. A Treatment Motivation (TM)  test using the TCU/SRF Treatment Motivation scale was administered to both groups before and after the four weeks of MBI on the treatment  group. Findings showed that the treatment group had significantly higher levels of treatment motivation at post-test compared to the control group  after controlling for various covariates, suggesting that MBI may have contributed to the increased TM in the treatment group. This implies  that MBI may be a promising intervention in enhancing treatment motivation among clients with SUD in treatment settings in Kenya.

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eISSN: 1994-7712