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Evaluation of production parameters and nutrient utilization of hens fed rations containing <i>Anthonata macrophyla</i> seed meal

CS Durunna
AI Osegbue
HO Obikonu
ABI Udedibie


A 15-week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the production parameters and nutrient utilization of hens fed rations containing Anthonata macrophyla seed meal. Anthonata macrophyla seeds were collected from the wild, washed, chopped into bits, milled and sun-dried to produce the test meal. The meal contained on dry matter basis 21.11% crude protein, 1.90% crude fat, 2.00% total ash, 5.03% crude fibre and 54.36% nitrogen free extract. Five (5) layer rations were formulated to contain the meal at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20% level respectively. Two hundred and fifty Babcock hens in their 10th week of lay were divided into 5 groups of 50 hens each and randomly assigned to the 5 treatment rations in a completely randomized design (CRD). Data were collected on average final weight, body weight change, average feed intake, average hen-day lay, average egg weight, feed conversion ratio, cost of production of one kilogram of each test feed, cost of feed per 10 eggs, nutrient digestibility and utilization and organ weights. There were no significant (P > 0.05) differences observed in all parameters examined except in feed intake, egg weight and feed conversion ratio. The group on 20% inclusion level of Anthonata macrophyla seed meal recorded the least feed cost and the highest hen-day lay. No mortality was observed. The results of this experiment suggest that 20% of Anthonata macrophyla seed meal can be incorporated in the diet of laying hens.

Animal Production Research Advances Vol. 2(2) 2006: 104-107