Animal Production Research Advances

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Appraisal of pig production in Songhai redemption farm, Nekede, Imo State, Nigeria

C A Emenyonu, M A Odii, U F Chilaka, C S Onyemauwa, C F Anaeto


The objectives of the study are to estimate the costs and returns of pig production in the farm estimate the production function of the enterprise and isolate the factors militating against enhanced production performance of pig enterprises in the farm. Data used for the analysis were collected through well-structured questionnaire and personal interview on the piggery units, costs and revenue items in the farm. The results show that piggery production is a profitable venture. Feeding cost accounted for the largest proportion of the total variable cost incurred in this enterprise. The findings revealed that such variables like number of pigs in stock, labor cost, medication cost and depreciated value of capital implements were positively related to output and statistically significant while feeding cost was negative and significant, but purchasing cost was negative and insignificant. It is recommended that alternative feed sources that will enhance cost reduction and increase output be used. Feed ingredients should be subsidized. More competent workers should be employed and the capacity of piggery production in the establishment should be increased. Workers need motivation and more capital should be made available.

Keywords: Pig, production cost, farm, feed, Nigeria

> Animal Production Research Advances Vol. 2 (4) 2006: pp. 208-212
AJOL African Journals Online