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The effects of red sorghum based diets on the carcass and organ characteristics of rabbits

MB Ngele
M Abubakar
DJU Kalla
GT Ngele
ML Egbo
PDD Bernard


A feeding trial was conducted at the Plateau State Veterinary Hospital, Jos to evaluate the effect of malted and unmalted red sorghum based diets on  carcass and organ characteristics of weaned rabbits. Twenty-one (21) grower rabbits were assigned to three experimental diets designated A (Maize), B (unmalted red sorghum) and C (malted red sorghum) as the major ingredients in a completely randomized design. The study lasted for six weeks. The results showed that carcass weight (649.0-794.O g) and dressing percentage (48.8-53.8%) were not affected by dietary treatments. Similarly, the organ (liver, 2.72-2.89; abdominal fat, 0.8-1.34%; heart, 0.26-0.27%; lungs, 0.94-1.03%) and gut (stomach, 1.06-1.38%; small intestine, 4.98-7.70%; large intestine, 6.73-9.04% and caecum, 0.28-0.44%) characteristics were not affected. This result indicates that weaned rabbits can utilize either malted or unmalted red sorghum without adverse effect on
carcass yield and organ characteristics.

Keywords: Red sorghum, rabbits, malting, carcass

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eISSN: 0794-4721