Notes on abattoir operations at Afor Ajala Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria

  • AO Aniebo
  • MC Njike
  • IC Okoli
Keywords: Abattoir, meat, waste, by-products, bone


Afor Ajala abattoir in Imo State is an important economic centre in Nigeria. It is funded by Afor Ajala Meat Butchers Association (AMBA) and serves meat sellers and consumers within and outside Imo State. The safety and health of these consumers could be endangered if the meat processed in the abattoir is unwholesome. The facilities and operations in the abattoir were therefore evaluated to ascertain their suitability and compliance to standard practices in the meat industry. Results showed that the site plan and its capacity were adequate, but the facilities on ground were grossly
inadequate. Abattoir operations were unethical, unhygienic and resulted in the production of contaminated meat, which was sold to unsuspecting consumers. Operations were characterized by poor meat inspection and inadequate enforcement of meat inspection laws, indiscriminate and improper disposal of wastes and by-products. Only bones were recovered for further processing. The problems were attributable to non completion of the abattoir master plan, inadequate facilities and non enforcement of regulations. Therefore, the intervention of the government in the provision of facilities and completion of the project, re-orientation and retraining of the butchers and enforcement of regulations by inspectors and other regulating authorities are panacea to the poor state of the abattoir and its operation.

Keywords: Abattoir, meat, waste, by-products, bone


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eISSN: 0794-4721