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Schistosomus Reflexus Causing Dystocia in a Red Sokoto Doe: A Case Report

A Bello, AI Ja’afar, MS Abubakar, MA Umaru


Dystocia was observed in a primiparous one year old Red Sokoto doe (RSD) and was relieved manually, the fetus was observed to be monstrous and gross pathological examination showed cleft sternum, scoliosis, abdominal and thoracic evisceration, absence of diaphragm, pulmonary hypoplasia, malpositioned kidney and heart, spinal inversion and limb ankylosis. The digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urogenital and skeletal systems anomalies were observed in this report. Many of the malformations and malpositioning have been previously reported. The above clinical findings suggest Schistosomus reflexus.

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