Abundance and Predilection Sites of Insect Pests on the Body of Pigs in Imo State, Nigeria

  • A Ihemeje
  • AA Amaechi
  • TO Prince
  • UR Obilor
Keywords: Insect pests, flies, lice, pig farm, Nigeria


Pigs farms located in parts of Imo State were screened for the abundance and predilection sites of insect pests on the body of pigs encountered in the farms. Overall, 760 pigs from five pig farms were screened once a week between April and June 2008. Two insect pests; flies (52.8%) and lice (47.2%) were encountered. Species identified were Musca domestica (18.8%), Musca sorbens (18.0%), Stomoxys calcitrans (11.4%), Fannia species (4.7%) and Haematopinus suis (47.2%) (p<0.05). Prevalence of infestation based on predilection sites, age and sex of pigs showed that infestation on the trunk were significantly higher (p<0.05) for both insects. Adult (75.1% and 67.0%) had more insect pests (p<0.05) than the young but the difference in infestation among sexes were insignificant (p>0.05). The veterinary importance of the insect pests are highlighted, while possible control measures are recommended.


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eISSN: 0794-4721