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Case Report: Perosomus Elumbis in a Neonate Lamb Delivered by Forced Extraction from an Uda Ewe

MA Umaru, MS Abubakar, A Jubril, HS Yahaya, A Bello, S Buhari, AA Umar


Perosomus elumbis is a rare congenital anomaly of unknown aetiology, characterized by errors of morphogenesis resulting in multi-organs malformations that produce a deformity of the caudal one third of the foetus. We report a case of a new born Uda lamb, with the chief complaint of inability to stand two hours after parturition. History revealed that the dam delivered them as twins, in which one of them was normal. On clinical examination the lamb was recumbent but alert. The fore limbs were well developed and appear normal. The lumbo-sacral area was excessively narrow, with a skin fold attaching the crus (tibia and fibula). There was ankylosis of the stifle and hock joint and were maintained in a flexed position. The response to pin prick on the hind limb was poor. However, both anal and vulval openings were patent. Radiography revealed hypoplasia of the lumbar vertebrae, pelvic girdle, the iliac wing, the ischium and the pubis. There was a convergence of the lschial arches towards the public symphisis; the wing of the ischium was absent bilaterally. There was an ankylosis of the stifle and tarsal joints in flexed position. However, all the bones of the hind limbs were present. From these observations, we conclude that this is the first recorded case of Perosomus elumbis in north western Nigeria.

Keywords: Perosomus elumbis, neonate lamb, Uda, ewe

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