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Anterior abdominal wall ectopic testes: A report of two cases

Ahmed A. Haseeb, Shady Okasha, Atef Elbarawy


Undescended testis (UDT) is a common anomaly of the male reproductive system  affecting about 2% to 4% of male infants more commonly preterms. If the testis remains in the line of normal descent, it is classified as an UDT. If it is not in the line of  normal descent, it is termed an ectopic testis. Common sites of ectopic testes are  perineal, transverse ectopia, pubopenile and femoral. To the best of our knowledge only two cases of anterior abdominal wall ectopic testis have been reported in the literature.  We present here two cases of anterior abdominal wall testis,  one of which was  associated with indirect inguinal hernia.

Keywords: anomalies of the testis, ectopic testis, empty scrotum
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