Annals of Pediatric Surgery

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Bronchogenic Cysts Located in Neck Region: An Uncommon Entity with a Common Reason for Misdiagnosis

E Mammadov, M Eliçevik, I Adaletli, S Dervişoğlu, S Celayir


Herein we present a child with a bronchogenic cyst, which was located at the right side of the cervical oesophagus displacing it to the left. At operation we found that the cyst had a common wall with the oesophagus, which was completely excised. Preoperative diagnosis was esophageal duplication, however, histopathological analysis confirmed the diagnosis of bronchogenic cyst. As accurate preliminary diagnosis is difficult in bronchogenic cysts, we assume to have this pathology in mind in the differential diagnosis, presenting at atypical locations in the neck region

Index Word: Bronchogenic cyst, neck, sternum.

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