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Preliminary studies on the protective effect of shea oil on the gonads of male Norwegian rats intoxicated with untreated refinery effluents

Sese-Owei Ekaye, Edwin Aihanuwa Uwagie-Ero, Eugene Amienwanlen Odigie, Cosmos Oghogho Aghayedo


This study reports the possible ameliorative effect of Shea oil on the testes of Norwegian rats intoxicated with untreated refinery effluent. 3 groups of 10 animals each were treated with Effluent only, Effluent with Shea oil and an untreated control daily for 9 weeks. Rats were euthanised at 3, 6 and 9 weeks interval. After 9 week, rats were left for 21 days postexposure to recuperate. Body weight, testicular weight and morphology, heavy metal concentration in testes and histopathology of testes were estimated across the groups. There was a significant increase (p>0.05) in body and organ weights of treated rats compared to control. Gross organ morphology also varied widely between treated and control but this was not statistically significant. Lead and chromium concentrations in the testes were high in rats treated with effluent only. Histopathology of gonads also showed evidence of pathological effects in rats treated with effluent only as compared with control and ameliorated group. Rats treated and ameliorated with Shea oil showed normal histological architecture in their organs. The study concluded that Shea oil was effective in ameliorating the effects of untreated refinery effluent toxicity on the gonads of male rats.

Keywords: Shea oil, Refinery effluents, Testis, Amelioration

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