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Baseline haematological parameters reference ranges of dogs in the Ashanti region of Ghana

Tony Opoku-Agyemang, Charlotte Oppong, Samuel Asamoah Sakyi, Esther Amemor, Daniel Dakolgo Sia, Benjamin Obukowho Emikpe


This study was conducted using sixty (60) clinically healthy dogs from different districts in the Ashanti Region of Ghana., Haematological parameters reference ranges was established and the influence of sex, breed and age on haematological indices of dogs in the Ashanti, Ghana was equally studied. Blood samples were collected from the dogs and analysed using a Mindray 5 parts automated haematologic analyser. Data obtained were compiled in Excel 2013 and analysed using Graphpad Prism 6. Results of the current study showed significant variations (p<0.05) in some indices from established haematological indices. A higher mean lymphocyte count was recorded. The mean MCV values obtained in this study were notably towards the upper limit of the accepted ranges; whilst the mean MCHC recorded was lower than documented norm. The study recorded significant (p<0.05) sex related differences in RDW, MCHC, MCV and RBC; as well as breed related variations in platelet counts. Results of the current study will provide baseline reference data for haematological tests of dogs and could be very useful in veterinary clinical practice, especially in precise diagnosis of canine problems requiring haematology, in the sub region.

Keywords: Reference ranges, Haematological indices, dogs, Ashanti region, Ghana

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