Socio-Economic And Water Contact Studies In Schstosomiasis haematobium Infested Area Of Anambra State, Nigeria

  • C A Ekwunife


A survey of urinary schistosomiass in Agulu, Anambra state, Nigeria was carried out using primary school pupils. The relationship between family socio-economic status of the pupils and infection with Schstosomiasis haematobium and between water contact activities of the people with S. heamatobium was investigated. Seven primary schools out of fifteen in the town had pupils with Schistosoma haematobium infection. Children whose parents were farmers and teachers had infection rates of 38.9% and 14.4% respectively. A greater number of children (7,000) (74.2%) than adults (2,438) (25.8%)perform different activities in different parts of the lake which bring them in contact with the water during the period of study. The highest number of people (3,324) (35.2%) were engaged in swimming while the lowest number 480 (5.1%) were found fishing.

Keywords: Water contact, Schstosomiasis haematobium, Socio-economic

Animal Research International Vol. 1 (3) 2004 pp. 200-202

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eISSN: 1597-3115