Common Leg Aliment Of Poultry In Plateau State, Nigeria

  • A O Ogbe
  • U Musa
  • JG Mohammed
  • R Tukur
  • MS Ahmed
  • DF Adene


A study was carried out to investigate the occurrence and causes of leg ailment in poultrythrough questionnaire survey and farm visitation. Post mortem and laboratory examination were also conducted. The results showed that different species of poultry were affected with varous types of leg ailments; out of which local chickens had the highest incidence 175(30.49 %), followed by broilers and commercial laying chickens 153(26.67 %) and least in ostrich 16(6.75 %). Swollen legs were recorded thus: local chickens 65(36.72 %), commercial layer chicken 51(28.81 %) and broilers 33(18.64 %). Incoordinaton, another common leg ailment were observed in broilers 40(33.33%), layer chickens 39(32.50 %), local chickens 24(20.0 %), and turkeys 4(14.81 %) Physical injuries due to trauma, burns, trampling (smothering) and accidents were recorded in broilers 28(30.77 %), commercial laying chickens 25(27.47 %), local chickens 21(23.08 %), cockerels 17(18.68 %), guinea fowls 15(39.47 %) and ostriches2(5.26 %). Curled toes, mange, Newcastle disease, Mareks disease and Clostridia infections resulting in leg ailments were also observed.

Keywords: Leg ailments, Poultry, Implication, Plateau State

Animal Research International Vol. 1 (3) 2004 pp. 208-211

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eISSN: 1597-3115