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The Generation And Properties Of Solid Monodisperse Aerosols Of Stearic Acid And Carnauba Wax

JO Onyechi, G Martin, C Marriott


A monodisperse aerosol generator (MAGE) was used to generate calibration or monodisperse aerosols containing stearic acid and carnauba wax. Some of the factors affecting the size of aerosol particles generated with the MAGE were determined. The factors include: temperature of operation of the MAGE, type and purity of coating material used. The reproducibility of aerosol particles and stability of the aerosol generated were evaluated. The performance characteristics of the MAGE over an extended period of time of operation were also established. The calibration aerosols generated with the MAGE can be used in situ for studies of aerosol deposition measurement equipment.


Keywords: Generation, Calibration aerosols, Monodisperse aerosol generator, Performance characteristics
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