The combined effects of aqueous extract of Ficus sycomorus l. (Moraceae) Stem Bark and Nigella sativa l. (Ranunculaceae) seeds on hematological and biochemical parameters in rabbits

  • UK Sandabe
  • F Abdurrahaman
  • B Goniri
  • U Baba


The stem bark of Ficus sycomorus and the leaves o Ngella sativa were collected; dried and extracted using dstilled water and filter paper, to study the effects of combination of these extracts on hematological and biochemical parameters in rabbits. Twenty rabbits weighing between 1000 and 1,200 g were randomly separated into four groups o five rabbits each. Group A rabbits were injected with Ficus sycomorus (200 mg/kg), group B; Ngella sativa (100 mg/kg), group C; combinaton of F. sycomorus (200 mg/kg) and N. sativa (100 mg/kg) while group D rabbits were given distilled water and served as control. Blood (1.2 ml) was collected for analyses of hematological and biochemical parameters using standard methods. Bleeding and clotting timeswere also measured using ear vein puncture and capillary tube methods respectively. The PCV, Hb and RBC values showed various irregular differences (P < 0.05) due to extracts treatments. The differential leucocytes counts and the biochemical parameters did not show any differences (P > 0.05). The bleeding and clotting times (min.) decreased (P<0.05) due to various extracts treatments compared with non-treated group that was given distilled water. Therefore it was concluded that the extracts either alone or in combination could not affect the peripheral blood adversely and it is non toxic to liver, kidney and muscles as indicated by the biochemical analyses and there was no apparent advantage in combining the two extracts as far as these parameters were concerned.

Keywords: Ficus sycomorus; Nigella sativa; Haematology, Biochemical values


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eISSN: 1597-3115