Actors affecting the effectiveness of extension linkages between agricultural development programmes (ADPs) and universites in South-Eastern Nigeria

  • C O Uzuegbunam
Keywords: effectiveness, linkage, collaborator, technology transfer, funding.


This study analyzed the factors that affect the effectiveness of agricultural extension linkages between ADPs and universities in south eastern Nigeria. The attitudes of collaborators towards and their preferences for certain linkage mechanisms and arrangements were examined to determine the impact on the effectiveness of linkages. The paper also analyzed the ratings of factors that facilitate or limit effectiveness, assessed the various strategies for increasing and strengthening effectiveness, as well as examined the factors that militate against the achievement of expected linkages for extension work in Nigeria. ADP and University staff who had linkages for the purpose of agro-technology generation and transfer, participated in the study. Information obtained was analyzed using means. The results showed general positive attitudes towards most of the suggested linkage arrangements (grand mean 3.16). The general high ratings of many factors, as facilitators of linkage effectiveness, indicated that for linkages to be effective, all the physical, psychological and social factors of human relationships must be made to work together. To stem the problems of funding, the paper suggested that government and private sector agencies should demonstrate greater commitment and support for linkage programmes through adequate funding

Keywords: effectiveness, linkage, collaborator, technology transfer, funding.

> Agro-Science Vol. 6 (1) 2007: pp. 106-116

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eISSN: 1119-7455