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Profession satisfaction and self-actualisation of non-construction professionals within the construction industry of Abuja, Nigeria

A.D. Abdul Azeez, S.A. Mohammed, A.S. Shika


Non-construction professionals do not experience self-actualisation within the construction industry as a result of inadequate motivation. The aim of this study is to assess selfactualisation potentials of non-construction professionals in medium-size and large building construction companies in Abuja, with a view to improving their professional satisfaction. The quantitative research approach was adopted; the population size of non-construction professionals was 348. Stratified sampling technique was used to select a sample of 186. Structured questionnaire was administered to the non-construction professionals. Weighted mean was used for the various ranking on professional satisfaction and self-actualisation of non-construction professionals. The findings of the study revealed that, majority of respondents (61.6%) are generally not professionally satisfied in their various construction companies. Based on the findings, the level of professional satisfaction and self-actualisation in relation to career advancement and job characteristics are low. While in relation to promotion opportunities, autonomy, training, and development, the level of professional satisfaction and self-actualisation is moderate. Therefore, for non-construction professionals to achieve professional satisfaction and self-actualisation within these construction companies, priority should be given to their career advancement opportunities, and job characteristics such as career prospects (professional membership), additional qualification, job rotation, challenging tasks and so forth, while still not neglecting the aspect of promotion opportunities, autonomy and training and development.

Keywords: Construction Industry, Motivation, Non-Construction Professionals, Professional Satisfaction, and Self-Actualisation

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