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Enhancement of natural ventilation using solar chimney in hospital buildings

Fahad Abdulhamid
Rukayyatu Bashiru Tukur


The study assesses the impact of solar chimneys on natural ventilation in hospitals of hot dry climate region in Nigeria. It takes a quantitative approach using computer simulation software, CFD Ansys Fluent. Input/control data for the software is recorded through a case study of the general hospital, Katsina. A comparison of indoor air velocity and air temperature is made between a base model with and without solar chimneys as indicators of natural ventilation in a selected ward. Result predicts that the application of vertical solar chimney can increase the air velocity up to 0.86 m/s. This shows that, irrespective of the wind velocity outside, the solar chimneys can induce air flow in the building thereby enhancing natural ventilation, which removes unpleasant smells and excessive moisture, introduces fresh air from outside so as to keep interior building air constantly circulated while preventing stagnation.

Keywords: Air Temperature, Air Velocity, Natural Ventilation, Solar Chimney, Thermal Comfort

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print ISSN: 1596-6305