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Properties of Lightweight Papercrete Made with Pumice

M.U. Tangbo
M.M. Garba
M.H. Nensok


This study assessed the strength and other properties of papercrete (a paper and mortar composite) produced by using pumice as fine aggregate instead of sand. Papercrete samples containing ordinary Portland cement (OPC), paper sludge and pumice as fine aggregate were produced (Sample PP) and compared to control samples containing OPC, paper sludge and 2 sand (Sample SP). The experimental results show that Sample PP (3.86N/mm ) recorded a 2 55% increase in compressive strength over Sample SP (1.74N/mm ) at 28 days. Sample PP (563Kg/m ) also increased in density over Sample SP (555Kg/m ) at 28 days. In other tests, Sample PP showed a similar response to water absorption and fire reaction as Sample SP.  Additionally, Sample PP recorded a lower thermal conductivity  (0.630W/moK) than Sample SP (0.657W/m oK). It was concluded that when pumice is used as fine aggregate to produce papercrete, it substantially improves strength and lowers thermal conduction in addition to behaving in similitude to ordinary papercrete in other properties.

Keywords: Pumice, Papercrete, Compressive strength, Density, Thermal conductivity


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print ISSN: 1596-6305