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Developing a Cadastral Information System for Part of Fadaman-Mada Area of Bauchi Metropolis for Sustainable Development.

SO Babalola
MS Kardam


The study integrated and updated the entire Fadama-mada area with a comprehensive digital map and cadastral data. The raster image from the analogue maps was also fully utilised. Scanned images were sent to Auto CAD environment for proper geo-referencing. Positions of updated features were added using coordinate geometry (COGO). Drawings were properly edited using Arc view 3.2. Graphics were linked with non-spatial attributes data base. The result of this exercise was checked by some GIS operation and analysis; digital map of Fadaman-Mada was produced; and feature details shown in graphics and tables. Thus, for sustainable development, Cadastral Information System (CIS) has been made more effective for the monitoring, evaluation and management of cadastral records in government ministries,  local government offices as well as other related government agencies.

Key words: Fadaman-Mada, Cadastral, GIS, Coordinate Geometry.

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print ISSN: 1596-6305