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  • R.T.F. Bernard
  • C.G. Coetzee
  • F.C. de Moor
  • M.A. Motara
  • R.T.F. Bernard
  • H.G. Robertson
  • M.A. Raath
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Book Review 1

Book Title: Reproductive Energetics in Mammals

Book Authors: A.S.I. Loudon & P.A. Racey (Eds.)

Zoological Society of London Symposia 57, 1987 Clarendon. Press, Oxford. 371 pp.

Book Review 2

Book Title: Classification of Southern African Mammals

Book Authors: J.A.J. Meester, I.L. Rautenbach, N.J. Dippenaar & C.M. Baker

Transvaal Museum Monograph No.5. 359 pp.

Book Review 3

Book Title: Pesticide impact on stream fauna with special reference to macroinvertebrates

Book Author: R.C. Muirhead-Thomson

Cambridge University Press, 1987. 275 pp.

Book Review 4

Book Title: Evolution of sex determining mechanisms

Book Author: James J. Bull

Benjamin-Cummings Publ. Company / Addison-Wesley Publishing Group, Johannesburg

Book Review 5

Book Title: The evolutionary ecology of ant-plant mutualisms

Book Author: Andrew J. Beattie

Cambridge University Press 182 pp.

Book Review 6

Book Title: The Ecology of Sex

Book Authors: P.J. Greenwood & J. Adams 

Edward Arnold, London, 1987. 74 pages

Book Review 7

Book Title: The Dinosaur Heresies - a revolutionary view of dinosaurs

Book Author: Robert Bakker

Published by Longman Scientific and Technical, 1987

Book Review 8

Book Title: Molecular Biology of the Gene

Book Authors: Watson, Hopkins, Roberts, Steitz & Weiner

Volumes I and II (Fourth Edition) (Benjamin/Cummings. Menlo Park); Addison-Wesley Publishing Group. Johannesburg 1163 pp.

Book Review 9

Book Title: Evolutionary Biology

Book Author: Eli C. Minkoff

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Massachussets, 1983. 627pp.

Book Review 10

Book Title: An ecosystem approach to aquatic ecology. Mirror Lake and its environment

Book Author: Gene E. Likens (Ed.)

Springer-Ver1ag, New York. xiv - 516 pages; 197 figures

Book Review 11

Book Title: The Physiological Ecology of Seaweeds

Book Authors: C.S. Lobban, P.J. Harrison & M.J. Duncan 

Cambridge University press, Cambridge, 1985. 242 pages

Book Review 12

Book Title: Principles of ecology

Book Authors: R.J.Putman & S.D. Wratten

Croom Helm, London, 1984. 388 pages.


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