Description of Doropygus pyurus n.sp. (Copepoda, Notodelphyidae) from Pyura stolonifera (Echinodermata, Ascidiacea) in South Africa

  • W.H. Oldewage


The genus Doropygus has long been plagued by morphological and taxonomic confusion. Descriptions are often lound to be inadequate and finer morphological variations result in laborious and unnecessary description of new species. Although the genus is known to be cosmopolitan in its distribution, only four species have been recorded from the coastal invertebrates of the Alrican coast. Doropygus apicatus, D. depressus and D. humulis occur in the Dahlak Archipelago ofl the coast of Ethiopia and D. pulex has been recorded from the southern coast of South Africa. Recent samples in the latter locality yielded specimens which showed some resemblance to D. pulex, but differed to such an extent that description as a new species is warranted. Unfortunately the South Alrican material reported previously is no longer in existence and the three-line description defies any comparative studies. Doropygus pyurus sp. n. differs from mosl of its congeners in the structure of the antennule and mouth parts, but most significantly from D. pulex by virtue of its unique leg armature and setation.

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eISSN: 2224-073X
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