Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Seroprevalence of Selected Avian Pathogens of Backyard Poultry in Sinar, Sudan

O A Selma, A Ballal


A serological survey for Newcastle (ND), avian influenza (AI), Gumboro (IBD) and Infectious bronchitis (IB) viruses was conducted in 310 serum samples in village chickens in Sinar State, Sudan. The studied chickens had no history of previous vaccination and showed no clinical signs. Results of indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (I-ELISA) on serum samples showed that birds had antibodies against Newcastle disease virus (ND) (92.6%),infectious bursal disease virus (IBD) (91.8%), Infectious bronchitis virus (IB) (86.5%) and Avian influenza (AI) virus type- A (34.2%). Positive sera of influenza type A were subjected to haemagglutination inhibition (HI) testing for AI subtypes H5, H7 and H9. The results showed that 1% of the sera were positive for H5 antibodies with average mean titer of 6 log2 while, 0.3% of the sera were found to be positive for H7 antibodies with average mean titer 4 log2. None of the sera were positive for H9.These results indicate that ND, IBD, IB and AI were endemic in Sinar state and these diseases contribute significantly to local chicken losses in the free range production systems. Also it represents foci of infection to the commercial chickens.

Keywords: backyard birds, Newcastle disease, Infectious bursal disease, Infectious bronchitis, Avian influenza antibodies, Sudan.

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