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Performance and carcass yield of sexed broiler chickens reared on two housing types

OM Sogunle
OK Akinosi
OA Adeyemi
RA Sobayo
KO Bello
DA Ekunseitan
OA Olaniyi


In spite of availability of specially formulated feeds and other aids to intensive poultry production, the provision of appropriate housing remains the most basic requirement for successful poultry production. This study thereby determined the performance, carcass yield and meat composition of 300 sexed Arbor Acre broiler chickens reared on deep-litter and deep-litter with a run housing types. The birds were brooded for 2 weeks, differentiated into male and female by feather sexing and balanced for weight. Thereafter, 150 male and female chicks each were confined separately in deep litter and deep litter with a run. Weekly live weights and physiological parameters were taken. At the end of the study, 2 birds which were similar to the average weight of each replicate were selected for carcass analysis. Serum cholesterol and calcium were also determined at the end of the experiment. The data obtained were arranged in a 2×2 factorial experimental layout in a Completely Randomized Design. Male birds had higher final weights, weight gain and cost of feed per day of 2208.33g/b,44.41g/b/d and N21.96, respectively compared to female birds. Birds on deep litter had higher live weight and plucked weight of 2216.67 and 1985.00g, respectively. Female birds had highest percentage breast of 22.81. Serum cholesterol and calcium of birds on deep litter with run was higher. It was concluded that both male and female broiler chickens had higher carcass yield on deep litter housing type. However, for higher live weight gain female broiler chickens should be reared on deep litter while male broiler chickens could be reared conveniently on any of the housing types.

Keywords: Performance, carcass yield, female broiler, male broiler, serum cholesterol, calcium

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eISSN: 0378-9721