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Determination of risk factors and level of awareness of caprine brucellosis amongst goat owners in Ojulga, Benue state, Nigeria.

GO Ijale
I Ajogi
AA Dzikwi


In Oju, goats are the major livestock kept and there is a well established goat market held every five days. This study was aimed at determining the risk factors associated with caprine brucellosis and assessing level of awareness amongst goat owners in Oju Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State using a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire sought information on biodata of goat owners, goat data, health indicators and risk factors for both goats and goat owners. The management system and ways of handling the animals posed risks to the goats, owners and other handlers. This study established risk factors such as lack of vaccination, introduction of newly purchased goats into the herd without isolation or examination by a professional, semi-intensive system of management, improper disposal of after-birth materials, lack of use of protective clothing when handling goats and lack of washing and disinfection of pens. The fact that none of the goat owners could recognize brucellosis as a disease affecting their goats and did not vaccinate against the disease shows their unawareness of the disease and as a zoonosis. An awareness campaign on brucellosis should be carried out in Oju LGA and Benue State in general to enlighten them on this important zoonosis.

Keywords: Risk factors, awareness, questionnaire, caprine brucellosis, Oju LGA, zoonosis

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eISSN: 0378-9721