Gastrointestinal parasites and management of domestic pigs (Sus scrofa) in north-eastern Nigeria

  • YM Dzuel
  • J Luka
  • MK Zango
Keywords: Gastrointestinal parasites, Pig, Adamawa State, Occurrence, Faecal sample


The study investigated the occurrence of gastrointestinal parasites and the effect of some epidemiological factors on the gastrointestinal parasitism of pigs from southern Adamawa State. Three hundred (300) faecal samples were collected from pigs of both sexes and varying ages from seven local Government areas of Southern Adamawa State and were analyzed coprologically using standard floatation technique. Information on epidemiological variables of the sampled pigs was obtained from farms by means of a well structured questionnaire. An overall infection rate of 84.0% was encountered in this study. Five parasite species (Ascaris suum, Ancylostoma spp, Trichuris spp, Trichinella spiralis and Coccidial oocyst) were found during the study. There was a statistical significant (p<0.05) variation in infection among the Local Government areas of study. Female pigs were more infected significantly (p<0.05) than their male counterparts. Also, pigs aged > 12 months were significantly (p<0.05) infected with the parasites than the younger pigs. The distribution of the parasites species showed statistically significant variations (p<0.05) based on the zootechnic categories, health status and the history of deworming.This study has shown high occurrence of gastrointestinal parasites among pigs in Adamawa State, with most of the parasites having zoonotic potential.

Keywords: Gastrointestinal parasites, Pig, Adamawa State, Occurrence, Faecal sample


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eISSN: 0378-9721