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Genitalia morphometry and testicular characteristics of male white Japanese quails at three different age groups

E.O. Ewuola, D.M. Oyedele, D.E. Akinyemi


An experiment was designed to evaluate genitalia morphometry of the male white Japanese quails at three different age groups. Fifty-four male Japanese quails were allotted to 3 treatment groups (Pubertal, Mature and Adult) in a completely randomized design. Pubertal (7-10 weeks), mature (15-20 weeks) and the adults (≥ 24 weeks). The initial weight of the quails was taken. All the animals were sacrificed and organs were carefully excised. The total length of reproductive tract and sections of the tract of male quails was taken. Total weight of reproductive tracts, right and left testicular weight, right and left epididymis, right and left testicular diameter and circumference were determined. The weight of the male genitalia tract of white Japanese quails was similar across different age groups. The length of the genitalia tract was significantly higher in the pubertal group than the adult and mature groups. Testicular circumference and diameter of white Japanese quails at puberty was significantly (P<0.05) higher than at adulthood. It was concluded that the male pubertal quail have well developed reproductive tracts and thus could have potential for high reproductive ability similar to later physiological ages. Farmers can do more breeding activity when the birds are at the pubertal age.

Keywords: Reproductive tract, White quails, Testicular characteristics, Quail epididymis

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