Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Assessment on major livestock health problems in southern zone of Tigray, northern Ethiopia

Angesom Taye, Atsbaha Hailemariam, Haftom Miglas


A cross sectional study was conducted to identify the major livestock health problems in southern zone of Tigray, northern Ethiopia from July 2014 to June 2016. Questionnaire survey and case observational study were employed for data collection. A total of 120 respondents were interviewed for the questionnaire survey. Moreover, a total of 1152 animal cases were tentatively diagnosed based on history and clinical signs. The most frequent diseases of cattle mentioned by the respondents include; blackleg (47.5%), anthrax (35%), pneumonic pasteurellosis (33.3%), ectoparasitism (11.7%) and foot and mouth disease (9.16%). In small ruminants the major health problems identified based on the respondents response were Peste des petits ruminants (27.5%), sheep and goat pox (18.3%), foot rot (14.1%), 0rf (10.8%) and ectoparasites (7.5%). The most prevailing equine health problem was African horse sickness (7.5%). The most important poultry disease in the area was Newcastle disease (30%) and the most common camel disease was hemorrhagic septicemia (18.3%). From the case observational study the most encountered diseases of cattle were Black leg (7.9%), Lumpy skin disease (6.25%) and Mastitis (4.86%). Sheep pox (3.21%) and PPR (4.08%) were most commonly diagnosed diseases in sheep and goats respectively. Furthermore, strangles (5.3%), Newcastle disease (5%), and hemorrhagic septicemia (3.13%) were the major diseases diagnosed in equines, poultry and camel. In general the study indicated that various infectious, parasitic and miscellaneous diseases were the major livestock health problems in the area which results death and production loss. Hence, there is a need of developing proper animal health delivery system, disease prevention and control program.

Keywords: Livestock, Health, Problem, Southern Tigray

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