Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Feed intake, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen utilization of graded levels of moringa and bamboo leaves by West African Dwarf Goats.

V.O Asaolu, S.M Odeyinka, O.O Akinbamijo, F.G Sodeinde


Feed intake, nutrient digesti==bility and nitrogen utilization studies were carried out on Moringa oleifera (M) and Oxytenanthera abysinnica (bamboo) (B) leaves as follows; 100M, 75M:25B, 50M:50B 25M:75B and 100B, with 20 WAD goats, using a randomized complete block design. Moringa inclusion at all levels significantly (P<.05) increased dry 100M and 100B respectively. It also resulted in significantly (P<0.05) higher nutrient digestibilities except for the fibre components, with no significant (P>0.05) differences in DM, OM and NFE digestibilities at the three Moringa inclusion levels. CP digestibility was significantly (P< 0.05) higher at 75% relative to the 25% and 50% Moringa inclusion levels. A significantly (P<0.05) lower nitrogen intake was associated with 100B with no significant (P>0.05) difference observed between 100M and 75M:25B. The nitrogen that was lost in the urine relative to total nitrogen intake decreased significantly (P<0.05) with increasing Moringa levels. Nitrogen retention was negative (-1.64g/ animal/ day) with 100B. Moringa leaves can be combined with bamboo leaves at 75% and 50% Moringa inclusion levels as supplements in WAD goats’ diets as suggested in earlier in vitro studies in our laboratory.

Key words: Moringa, bamboo, West African Dwarf goats, feed intake, nutrient digestibility, nitrogen utilization.
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