Prevalence and associated risk factors of bovine mastitis in local and cross breed dairy cows in and around Jimma town

  • W Tigre
  • A Wakwoya
  • F Regassa
  • T Tolosa
Keywords: Jimma and its surroundings, local and crossbred dairy cows, mastitis, Risk factors.


A cross sectional study was conducted on local and cross bred dairy cows in Jimma town and its surroundings to determine the prevalence of mastitis and potential risk factors. Simple random sampling of dairy herds, clinical examination of udder and milk and udder test card were used. Of the total dairy cows examined (N=387), 36.69% (n=142) of them were found to be positive for either clinical or sub clinical mastitis. Clinical and sub clinical mastitis were found to be 7.75% (n=30) and 28.94% (n=112), respectively. Factors significantly associated with mastitis were, lactation stage (χ2 = 38.85, P<0.01), parity (χ2 = 13.70, P<0.01), body condition score (BCS) of the dairy cows (χ2 = 11.9, P<0.01) and herd size (χ&2;=7.23, P<0.05). The breed of the animals was not significantly associated with mastitis (χ2 =1.35, P>0.05).

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-9721