Local Poultry Farmers’ Media Use, Access and Understanding of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Communication Materials in Nigeria

  • A Assam
  • PA Abdu
  • LN Tabe-Ntui
Keywords: Avian influenza, Bulletins, Communication, Educational materials, Local poultry farmers.


A two stage household based cluster sampling was conducted in Kaduna State to investigate local poultry farmers’ media use, access and understanding to highly pathogenic avian influenza educational materials. Radio and television were appropriate channels for information dissemination to farmers. Television was better at articulating highly pathogenic avian influenza risk perception among farmers. National and State radios and televisions were preferred stations with news and agricultural programs being favourites. Farmers listened to radio in the morning and evening but watch television in the evening. Publication readership was low though farmers look at billboards and posters. Posters pictures were important in attracting farmers’ attention. Road junctions, churches, schools and mosques were identified as appropriate locations for placing posters. Radio was an important source of highly pathogenic avian influenza information to farmers though television coverage was poor. High mortality in poultry was what farmers remembered about the highly pathogenic avian influenza radio and television program followed. Farmers’ access to highly pathogenic avian influenza educational materials was poor. However, audio-visual and poster were understood better than stickers and bulletins. Highly pathogenic avian influenza message on radio and television should be revised to include disease recognition, the need for reporting sick and dead poultry. Community dialogue system should be established to improve farmers’ access to highly pathogenic avian influenza materials.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-9721