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Prevalence of Enzootic Bovine Leukosis (EBL) in the Northern Somalia

YM Ghanem
MS Ahmed
AH Abdelkader


In the present study, a commercial immuno enzymatic assay (blocking- ELISA), were used to detect BLV antibodies in bovine serum using two monoclonal antibodies against the viral gp51 from bovines of two major districts namely, Waqoyi Galbed, and Togdheer of northern Somalia (Somaliland). Out of 468 tested cows collected from 20 herds, 1.5 % was found affected by Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) reacted positively to blocking-ELISA. On herd level, out of 20 herds tested, 6 (30.0%) were seropositive. On animal level, according to age groups tested, out of 91 tested sera aged from 2y-5y, 2.2% (n=2) animals were seropositive, while out of 259 bovine sera tested aged from 5y-8y, 1.7% (n=5) animals were seropositive. Prevalence on district level, in Waqoyi Galbed, out of 204 tested cows from 9 herds, 1.47% (n=3) animals were found seroreactive, and on herd level, out of 9 herds tested, 2 herds (22.2%) were seropositive and 7 (77.8%) were seronegative. In Togdheer, out of 264 tested cows from 11 tested herds, 4 (1.52%) animals were found seropositive, and on herd level out of the 11 herds tested 4 herds (36.4%) were seropositive and 7 (63.6%) were seronegative. This paper reports the first serological evidence of EBL virus infection in dairy cows in the Somaliland investigated regions.

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eISSN: 0378-9721