Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Seroprevalence of FMD in cattle, sheep and goats in Somaliland

YF Elnaker, M Sayed-Ahmed, M El-Beskawy, AA El-Sawalhy, JK Wabacha


This study was conducted in the period July 2011 to February 2012 in Berbera veterinary Quarantine in North West Somalia (Somaliland) to determine the seroprevalence of FMD in cattle, sheep and goats using PrioCHECK®-FMDV NS ELISA. A total of 1080, 840 and 2080 sera samples from cattle, sheep and goats, respectively, were examined by ELISA against 3ABC NSP of FMDV. The result revealed that, the seroprevalence of FMD in cattle was (200/1080) 18.52%. Higher (p< 0.05) prevalence (20%) was found in summer season. The seroprevalence was higher (p>0.05) in age group > 4 year (147/530) 27.74% as compared with age group 2- 4 year (51/300) 17% and the age group < 2 year ( 0. 8%). The overall seroprevalence of FMD in sheep and goat in the three regions in  Somaliland, Burao, Borma and Hargeisa was (366/2880)12.71%. Among the districts seroprevalence of FMD was higher (p>0.05) in Buroa district (160/900) 17.78% as compared with Borma (143/1080) 13.24% and Hargeisa 7%. Higher ((p<0.05) seroprevalence was found in sheep (143/840) 17.03% as compared with goats (223/2040) 12.71%. For sheep and goats higher ((p<0.05) seroprevalence was recorded in summer season 14.56% as compared with the winter 11.2%. Higher (p<0.05) seroprevalence (21.43%) was recorded in sheep >3 years as compared with goats (17%), while the seroprevalence recorded for age group 6month to 1year was 6% in sheep and 2.67% in goats. In conclusion the seroprevalence of FMD in cattle, sheep and goats was found to be high in the studied districts of Somaliland. A further study to determine the serotypes is recommended. Furthermore, given that the animals entering the market chain come from the neighboring countries there is a need to enhance the inspection and certification at the border points. The movement of animals in search of pasture or trade across the national borders in the region calls upon a regionally coordinated and harmonized FMD control strategy especially for trade with Middle East countries including Egypt.

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