Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia

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Comparison of simple and chelated amberlite IR-120 for preconcentration and Determination of Cu(II) from aqueous samples

M. Sadia, M. R. Jan, J. Shah, A. ul-Haq


In the present study, the efficiency of simple and chelating Amberlite IR-120 with α-nitroso β-naphthol (IR-αNβN) and with 8-hydroxy quinoline (IR-8HQ) has been compared for the removal of Cu(II) from aqueous solutions. The chelation was confirmed using different characterization techniques like SEM, TGA and FTIR. A number of experiments were carried out in batch system to determine the effect of different parameters on adsorption of Cu(II) like pH, contact time and sample volume. The results showed occurrence of maximum adsorption at pH 7 in 10 min with adsorption capacity of 71.5 mg g-1 at 298 K. The adsorption followed pseudo second order kinetic model among the four kinetic models applied. Maximum desorption from IR-8HQ was obtained with a mixture of 4.0 M HCl and 0.5 M HNO3. Furthermore, IR-8HQ was found to be most selective adsorbent among three adsorbents investigated. The developed preconcentration procedure was successfully applied to spiked tap water and real samples.


KEY WORDS: Chelating adsorbent, Amberlite IR-120, α-Nitroso β-naphthol, 8-Hydrox quinoline, Preconcentration


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2016, 30(1), 39-54.

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